Grattan Township Hall
12050 Old Belding Road
Phone -616-691-8450

7:00 pm unless noted

January 13
January 27- 10am
May 11
September 14
February 10
February 24- 10am
June 8
October 5
March 9
July 13
November 9
April 13
August 10
December 14 -9am

Franklin Force - Supervisor
Phone 616-691-8450

Fax 616-691-8804

Township Supervisor's Statutory Duties
Moderate board and annual meetings
Chief assessing officer (if certified)
Secretary of Board of Review
Township's legal agent
Must maintain records of supervisor's office
Responsible for tax allocation budget (if applicable)
Develops township budget
Appoints some commission members
May call special meetings
May appoint a deputy


Michelle Alberts - Clerk


Township Clerks Statutory Duties
Maintains custody of all township records
Maintains general ledger
Prepares warrants for township checks
Records and maintains township meeting minutes
Keeps the township book of oaths
Responsible for special meeting notices
ublishes board meeting minutes (if taxable value is $70 million in 2007,
annually indexed, or a charter township)
Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
Keeps township ordinance book
Prepares financial statements
Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30th
Must appoint a deputy
Must post a surety bond


Sabrina Freeman - Treasurer

Township Treasurer's Statutory Duties
Collects real and personal property taxes
Keeps an account of township receipts (revenues)
and expenditures
Issues township checks
Deposits township revenues in approved depositories
Invest township funds in approved investment vehicles
Collect delinquent personal property tax
Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax
Collects mobile home specific tax
Must appoint a deputy
Must post a surety bond

Duties of Trustee's
Township legislators, required to vote on all issues
Responsible for township's fiduciary health
Other duties as assigned by board

Paul Knoerl - Trustee

Dennis Heffron - Trustee


Grattan Township recognizes the responsibilities to each of its constituents. Grattan Township officials make this pledge as a statement of the Township's values and purpose as we conduct Township business. Grattan Township will strive to serve it's constituents with dependable and efficient service. The highest standards and lawfully executed service will be our goal. Grattan Township will strive to be a place where employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and fulfill their individual potentials. One of the Township's premier goals is to be considered an invaluable work place by each of our employees. Grattan Township will strive to conduct its duties in a socially responsible, lawful manner, while maintaining a kind and courteous workplace. Grattan Township employees will always strive to utilize ethical practices and compassion for the needs of individuals requesting our assistance and to reflect those ideals in our Township decisions.

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